Healthy eating

Healthy Eating Made Easy (ish)

Now, I am by no means a nutritionist or health expert, but I am trying (trying being the optimum word here) to become healthier myself and I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks with others who might be trying to get a little healthier, as I know how hard it is. So here are some food swaps that might ease your cravings for less healthy options 😊 I hope this helps! Let me know if you’d like any more food/health related posts in the future.

Craving crisps?

Try peanuts instead!

There. Did my enthusiasm make that sound any more appealing?… Maybe not, but the saltiness you’re craving from crisps might be satiated by salted peanuts, cashew nuts or almonds. Another of my fave options are chilli coated peanuts like these:


You could also try almond butter on oatcakes or brown bread. It takes a bit to get used to, but it’s pretty good.

Hate the taste of porridge but don’t want to add 50g of sugar?

Try putting fruit or jam on porridge so you add less sugar. You could also try adding cacao powder, which is unprocessed cocoa and also vegan. This makes it slightly chocolatey but still healthy, as cacao is rich in iron & potassium, extremely high in copper & magnesium and loaded with zinc. I know some people like putting almond butter on porridge too, but that’s not my cup of tea. Here’s a link to cacao powder from Holland & Barrett:


Can’t get enough of your carbs?

Honestly, baked goods are my weakness. I love me some toast, but for a while I’ve been having brown bread, rice and pasta instead of white. Two slices of white bread actually raises your blood sugar levels more than a chocolate bar! 😳 crazy, right?! Brown sugar is also better for you; or, if you want a healthier alternative to sugar you could try agave nectar, which is vegan and sold in all your local supermarkets. This one is from Tesco:

Craving chocolate?

Try having fruit/nut and chocolate shots instead of a chocolate bar – I like these ones from Whitworths:


Other options that are healthier than a chocolate bar include chocolate covered fruit and dark chocolate (I love the Lindt dark chocolate with orange).

Craving chips?

Have sweet potato fries! Chop up a sweet potato, shove it on an oven tray with a dash of olive oil for 20 minutes or so and bam! A healthy but delicious snack or side dish. You can also add a bit of paprika if you’re feeling wild. 😉 And if you’re feeling lazy, supermarkets sell pre-prepared sweet potato fries too. I hadn’t even tried sweet potatoes before about a year ago, and now I love them.


Literally the easiest way to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet

Pop some seeds or superfoods into your cereal and smoothies. You can’t really taste them at all but they add loads of good vitamins and minerals. Some good ones include chia seeds, flax seeds and spirulina (some people who are pregnant or have PKU or autoimmune illnesses don’t react well to spirulina though, so check with your doctor first).


Remember, the most important thing should not be losing weight, but being healthy and happy. These are just some tips I’ve found helpful, but I’m no expert. 😊 If you need more advice, see your doctor or a nutritionist for help.

Here is the number for Beat, an eating disorder helpline (UK): 0808 801 0677

Here is the number for Butterfly national helpline (Australia): 1800 33 4673

Here is the number for NEDA national helpline (USA): (800) 931-2237.


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